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The last few days have been action packed for the ILEAD Pioneers.
They have experienced the dynamics of Israel and the multiple levels of beauty first hand:

Israel government and debates: The Pioneers got a tour of the Knesset and had the opportunity to sit in the very rooms the Knesset members debate current issues. They spent some time with Michael Oren and understood his journey and current position he has in the government.

Israel’s Loss & Perseverance: The Pioneers visited Har Hertzel and spoke to the counselors about the friends they have lost to war and terror. They also had the opportunity to meet Chani Weinroth. A woman who is battling cancer. She discussed making most of your life and spending energy on the thing that will build your life. This was very timely based on the recent loss in our community.

Israel’s Tech Scene and Mobile Success: They Pioneers went to Tel Aviv to the Israeli Innovation Center and learned about the life changing inventions and mobile and tech success Israel has developed over the last 10 years.

Israel’s Military & Heros: They met Naom Gershoni, Israel’s first Paralympics Gold Medal Winner.
(Check out his story from nearly losing his life as Fighter Pilot to Gold Medalist here:
Noam Gershony Story ). They also had the opportunity to visit the Air Force and more to come on that from video blogs.

I am sure you will enjoy discussing their interaction with these amazing people and locations when they return Friday.

Check out the Pics: August 1&2 Pics & Vids 

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